About Us


PinkyPrintsCo is a 3D Cookie Cutter business that first jumped onto the cookie scene on January 28, 2019. Our first year, we completed 18K orders! Holy Moly!! We've been incredibly blessed and grateful for our fast growing business. We create/design some pretty amazing and sturdy cookie cutters at affordable prices. We strive to provide y'all with high quality products that will not break the bank. We pride ourselves with our speedy service along with top notch customer service! 

So, here's a little about the Martinez clan that runs this biz.

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I'm a mother of 3. I have a degree from Le Cordon Bleu Academy in Baking and Patisserie Arts and previously worked as a Pastry Chef for a 5-star Marriott resort for 5 years before running my own baking biz.

The hubs owns an IT Company and so we joined forces to open up this 3D printing company! I mean, it only made sense, right?!

I run the shop in pretty much all aspects. I design cutters, make cutters, fulfill orders, communicate with clients, run social media platforms etc. My husband, Eric is 100% in charge of the back end which includes printer maintenance and any IT related things. He builds our printers and makes sure they are running smoothly at all times. 

We also own a filament company called AXIS 3D and exclusively use our very own filament for PinkyPrintsCo. It's the best!